Price Pack - Definition & Example

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What is Price Pack?

Price packs are sales promotions that provide consumers with a reduced price that is marked directly on the package by the manufacture. Here two or more products are given together at the price of one or at discounted rates.

And if the customer does not want this price pack individual product is also available at the same time.

Discounts or promotions can happen at distributor or retailer levels in partnership with the manufacturer or by retailers themselves. We often see a discount offered at a retail store on the products in the store. The MRP may mention a price but retailer may offer a better price for the customer. A price pack is different in this aspect. Here the bundle or the package consists of the special discounted price printed on the package itself.

Example of Price Pack

Let us take an example of a pack of potato chips which normally costs 2$. Now it consists of 200 grams of chips. There are two ways in which discounts can be done. One is when the retailer offers a normal discount of 10% on the pack and offers the same bag for 1.80$.

The other way is of the price pack in which the manufacturer only offers 10% on the chips with the 1.80% printed on the bag as well. This price may also be used for advertisements across the country. It can also be offered as bundle pricing in which 2 bags may be available for 3$ instead of 4$ directly from the manufacturer.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Price Pack along with its overview.

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