TDC Matrix Internet Value

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Definition: TDC Matrix Internet Value

It is a tool based matrix used to calculate the effectiveness of Internet technology .It uses various approaches such as the Porter’s  five forces model , mission vision  strategy etc .

The rows take parameters such as innovation ,creativity and  knowledge .

The column parameters include complexity ,distance and  time.

It not only predetermines the best business strategy   for deriving the maximum internet value  based on the complexity and time  parameters . It also calculates the  internet values for  time , distance and complexity  against their respective dimensions.

It also identifies the optimum strategy using the ideal location on the matrix. It can also be verified using Porter’s value chain model for studying the factors involved in industry attractiveness.

It is based on the balanced scorecard method for assessing the performance metrics and identifying  the  planner in improvement of the framework .

It helps in the execution of strategic planning and implementation of  performance framework .It helps in measurement of various other fiscal parameters.

Hence, this concludes the definition of TDC Matrix Internet Value along with its overview.


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