Adoption Process

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Definition: Adoption Process

It is a cognitive process through which all the consumers pass before actually purchasing the product. It is divided into 5 stages:

a. Awareness:

When the potential consumers are apprised of the product but do not have a detailed knowledge about it.

b. Interest:

When the product catches the consumer’s attention and she herself tries to discover more and more about it.

c. Evaluation:

In this stage, the consumer has enough knowledge about the product and she considers its relative benefits and evaluates it in terms of various factors as cost, aesthetics, competitors’ offering, etc.

d. Trial:

This is the stage when the consumer experiences the product and judges whether the claims are correct or not. Trials can be generated by sampling or by the consumer herself buying the product. Many new brands aim to reach this stage as soon as possible.

e. Adoption or Rejection decision:

This is the stage when the consumer has made up her mind whether to remain with the product or switch back to her earlier product.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Adoption Process along with its overview.


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