Environmental Determinism

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Definition: Environmental Determinism

There are two sets of elements affecting a Company’s business climate-one which can be influenced and changed through focused efforts and the other which can’t be changed and has to be taken as a given. The latter set comprises environmental, technical and human elements which affect the firms in the industry and have to be adapted to.

The firm which adapts the best to these factors will turn out to be the strongest.  In terms of marketing, firms which adapt best to the changing needs, habits and preferences of customers, changing cultural paradigms and technical know-how, as well as geographical/demographic realities, will succeed in the highly competitive marketplace.

Moreover, such firms will be able to sustain their success if they also apply the principle of enactment to complement Environmental determinism. For instance, advent of Integrated circuits wiped out the entire Semiconductor industry. Some firms managed to adapt and grabbed the IC market while those which could not perished. Moreover, staying close to what the customer wants will always help firms adapt better.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Environmental Determinism along with its overview.

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