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What is Direct Close?

The term ‘Close’ in marketing terms refers to the process of making a sale. Closing has different artful ways like Direct Close, Indirect Close, Puppy Dog Close (wherein the salesperson asks customer to use the product on a trial basis initially) etc.

Direct Close: The term ‘Direct Close’ refers to process of making a sale where the salesperson directly asks the customer to buy the product. Direct Close technique works only when the salesperson knows that the prospect is surely going to buy the product, i.e. where the customer does not need any soft words or advertisements to buy the product.

This type of closing technique is not generally encouraged among salespersons. Because in the cases where there is a need to change the minds of customers or persuade them to buy the product, ‘Direct Close’ does not work.


Salesperson XYZ gets to know that customer ABC wants his product. He need not advertise or persuade in that case. He just asks the customer whether he is ready to place an order. The interested customer replies in affirmative and buys the product.

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