Straight Denial - Meaning & Definition

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What is Straight Denial?

In straight denial method of objection handling, the objections raised by a prospect (potential customer) are clearly rejected on the grounds that the prospect is mistaken.

Straight denial should be used only when a salesperson is absoloutely sure in terms of facts and logic that the prospect has false information. It is the most aggressive method of handling objections and may hurt a sensitive prospect. Hence it should be used with utmost care. The salesperson must sound polite while denying the objections.

It is preferable to use straight denial method with a broad minded customer who is looking for honest response.

Thus straight denial method can be used when –

i. False objections are raised

ii. Either the prospect is ignorant or has an intention of wasting salesperson’s valuable time

iii. Prospect is looking for a genuine response

e.g. Suppose you are a salesperson for a pharmaceutical company and a prospect raises an objection on a product you are trying to sell to him saying that  - “ It is heard that the drug has caused serious side-effects on patients.”

How to respond then?

You should respond in a polite manner like – “There have been certain rumours about the reaction of the drug. But they haven’t lasted long. The drug is highly effective with little side-effects. In fact I appreciate the fact you raised the issue right here giving me a chance to make you aware of the reality.”

Hence, this concludes the definition of Straight Denial along with its overview.

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