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Corporate Identity

This article covers meaning & overview of Corporate Identity from marketing perspective

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What is Corporate Identity?

Corporate Identity is a representation of how a corporation views itself and how it wishes to portray itself to the public which includes customers, employees, investors and collaborators. Usually a combination of branding activities and color schemes, words, designs and trademarks are used to build the corporate identity. It is generally done by the corporate communications department of an organization.

The corporation’s business philosophy, core values, vision and mission must be manifested in building its corporate identity. Generally corporate identity of a firm is unaffected by financial performance and business cycles. Corporate Identity is generally classified as strong or weak and remains more or less permanent throughout the life of the business.


Coca-cola, today the number 1 brand in the world according to Interbrand, has a strong corporate identity. Its communication is around refreshing the world and spreading happiness. It has chosen red as its corporate color which it uses for all branding activities. Its corporate identity is built around values of leadership, collaboration, passion, integrity, diversity and quality.

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