Field Selling (or Marketing)

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Definition: Field Selling (or Marketing)

Field Selling is defined as the task required where face-to-face sales calls are required and are frequently made by companies’ representatives to its respective customers to their homes or places where business transaction might occur.

It is one of the most traditional disciplines of marketing where sales representative of the company meets potential customers by distributing, promoting, sampling or auditing on the “field” to gauge the interest of the customer which will help in understanding the dynamics of the specific trade in which the company deals with.

Field marketing can also be differentiated from all additional direct sales and marketing activities because it is direct personal contact through direct marketing. Field marketing also includes very strong communication skills as it involves highly targeted direct selling promotions schemes, while merchandising, , organizing road shows, events and mystery shopping, experiential marketing auditing, sampling and demonstration. These various disciplines will require, individually or combined team efforts which lead to developing brands and in their execution show a return on investment (ROI) to the respective brand owner of the firm. This also involves a key feature which will benefit this field of marketing –by rising revenue expenditure which will generate a specific return.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Field Selling (or Marketing) along with its overview.


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