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What is Ambient Media?

The term ‘ambient’ in marketing means the placement of advertisements at unconventional places. Therefore, ambient media are media formats that are different from the usual media consumed in out-of-home locations/environments through which advertising firms reach out to its target customer.

Ambient media implements its environment when acting, thus more effective in reaching in reaching out to its target customers. Ambient media advertising can be done in conjugation with traditional media or can be pursued as a standalone activity. Currently, ambient media is only a niche for advertising agencies who want to bypass the traditional forms in order to achieve effective reach.

The advent of ambient media can be attributed to the following reasons:

         i.            Versatility

       ii.            The demand for point-of-sale communication was on the rise

      iii.            Declining power of traditional media

    iv.            Effective audience targeting



In the picture given above, you can observe the advertisement of a dental insurance agency placed at the end of the bowling alley.



In the above picture, the advertisement for the release of a movie (Superman) can be seen.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Ambient Media along with its overview.

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