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Ambush Marketing - Meaning & Definition

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What is Ambush Marketing?

As per the name, ambush marketing means marketing from a hidden position. Ambush marketing is a marketing campaign in which a company uses a big public event as a platform to advertise its products, without actually paying any sponsorship fee for the event.

These days many organizations pay huge amount of money to become the exclusive sponsor of events like National/International sports events, film related events, competitions for students, etc. This is a part of their brand building exercise. However, this causes problems for other companies which then resort to ambush marketing to promote their brand. They associate themselves with the same public event. However, they do not pay the sponsorship fee.


Eg - One of the recent examples of ambush marketing is that of HUL and P&G. P&G before actually launching its new Pantene shampoo had put up hoardings which said ‘A mystery shampoo!! 80% women say is better than anything else’. HUL used this event to promote its Dove shampoo by putting up hoardings which said ‘There is no mystery. Dove is the number 1 shampoo’.


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