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What is Trial Close?

Trial close is a sales technique wherein the sales staff uses certain variety of questions and observations using which they then try to find out the mood of the buyer regarding the product, whether he is interested in buying the product or not.


It is different from closing a sale since in trial close the objective is to determine the level of interest of the buyer in the product and his chances of purchasing it. It is a method to determine whether a buyer is ready to close. It is also used to determine whether the person was listening when a strong selling point was being made and whether his objections have been answered.


Normally ‘If…then..’ questions are asked, assuming that the buyer has bought the product. It helps in putting a closure idea into the prospective buyer’s mind. It also helps steer the conversation in the right direction depending on the buyer’s readiness to make a purchase decision, which is determined by his responses. This tells whether the buyer is serious about the product or not.


ABC, Always Be Closing, is also one of the techniques used in trial closing. It is always heading towards a close but not, overdoing it.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Trial Close along with its overview.

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