Cultural Empathy - Meaning & Definition

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What is Cultural Empathy?

Cultural Empathy term denotes the ability to empathize oneself in the position of a foreigner so as to understand their perspective.It allows us to share their feelings and emotions and to clearly understand them.

These are done by gaining Cognitive Knowledge as well as develop sensitivity to perspectives different from one's own, so that the foreign market can be objectively evaluated. Cultural empathy prevents the impassiveness in other cultures as well as cultural ignorance. It takes time to attain cultural empathy and can be developed by participating in the foreign culture without obliterating one's personality.

When a person fails to appreciate other culture, this phenomenon is called as the Self-reference Criterion (SRC). Imposing one's own cultural values or failing to empathize other cultures, characterizes SRC which is a common mistake made by many marketers; causing indiscretions to be easily committed unintentionally. Making decisions without sufficient knowledge about other cultures may result in SRC.

It is highly important, hence, to develop cultural empathy as well as the knowledge about other cultures to eliminate Self-reference Criterion and reduce the likelihood of inhibition of the thinking and decision making.

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