Profile Promotional Strategy

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Definition: Profile Promotional Strategy

Profile promotional strategy is intended to fulfill the corporate promotional goals of an organization as to how it wishes to be seen in the eyes of the public. The communication focuses on satisfying the needs of the stakeholder and sustaining the dialogue with them by closely keeping in touch with them.


Through e-mails, newsletters, progress reports and annual meetings.

Stakeholder awareness, views on the business is an important aspect of profile strategy. The organization must consider all the perspectives of the people involved in the business by constant interaction and feedback. This helps in building loyalty and trust towards the brand and company and helps to reach the final goal of the business.

Objectives of profile strategy is to build awareness, perception, attitudes and reputation using-

  • Public relations
  • Event sponsorships
  • Corporate advertising
  • Cause marketing and corporate social responsibility


Pepsi, by taking up the title sponsorship of IPL 6 has cemented its brand perception among the youngsters

Hence, this concludes the definition of Profile Promotional Strategy along with its overview.

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