Promotion Mix

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Definition: Promotion Mix

Incorporation of all the fundamentals of promotion mix is essential to meet the information requirements of all objective customers.  This basically means that the endorsement/promotion mix is not considered to please only the potential buyer or only the habitual buyer. 

Some rudiments of the combination may be aimed at the end customer who is unacquainted of the item for consumption, while others may be intended at potential clientele who are completely aware of the manufactured goods and are expected to buy it.  Suppose we are engrossed in buying a private computer.  Because of our interest in the manufactured goods, we started paying consideration to computer advertisements in the press and magazines.  We may even read the media news on private computers by experts.  We also may partake in training programmes or display.  

We may also get in touch with the sales individuals of different computers and discover out the description and relative merits.  Based on all this information we might then buy a specific brand.

There are six main rudiments in a promotional mix: -
1. Advertising
2. Personal Selling
3. Publicity & Sales promotion
4. Corporate image
5. Exhibitions
6. Direct Marketing

Hence, this concludes the definition of Promotion Mix along with its overview.

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