Forestall the Objection (Method of Dealing With Objections) - Meaning & Definition

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What is Forestall the Objection (Method of Dealing With Objections)?

If the salesperson is aware of an objection that comes up repeatedly during a sales pitch or presentation, the salesperson may raise the objection himself and counter it with a pre-prepared argument. This method adopted in selling practices is called ‘forestalling an objection’. (‘Fore’ means ‘before’ and ‘stall’ means ‘stop’ or ‘halt’)

This way the salesperson is forearmed with a valid explanation and counter argument. He tackles the potential objection that may arise in the minds of customers, before the customer can even think of the objection or raise a doubt or protest over it.This also means that the salesperson has controlledthe timingof discussing the contentious issue.It creates an impression of genuineness in the minds of customers, as they realise that the salesperson has been open and upfront about the potential fallacies of his proposal. Thus they become certain and assured regarding the openness of the sales pitch. Any doubt is killed even before it is raised.

Basically, it is a form of prevention being better than cure.

The only risk is that of ‘planting’ doubts in the minds of customers who may not have raised the objection; and sounding too self-conscious.

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