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What is Post- Sale?

Post- Sale basically means after-sales. Post sales behavior of consumer involves all the activities and the experiences that follow after the sales.

Marketers use after-sales services to reduce customer dissatisfaction if any after the purchase of product or service. Marketers use customer complaint to assess their performance and use after sales services to show customer commitment.

Product use/consumption from the consumer is followed by the evaluation of product. It may occur that the perceived performance is different from actual performance which may then lead to satisfaction non-satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Consumer dissatisfaction may result in complaint behavior. Consumers may choose to take action against the service provider by way of negative word of mouth, returning the product, switching the brand, complaining to the marketer, complaining to the consumer forum, and/or taking legal action against service provider. Tools such as CRM are extensively used by companies to enhance customer loyalty and increase customer life cycle.

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