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Definition: Prosumer

A Prosumer is a consumer who is involved in the company’s design as well as production process in order to help the company come up with products that could achieve mass acceptance. The term has been formed from the words ‘producer’ and ‘consumer’ and not to be mistaken with its other meaning, coined from the words ‘professional’ and ‘consumer’.

The prosumer has been introduced with the notion of mass customization in mind where the consumer plays a major role in determining the product. Herein, the individual is all of the following – consumer of a product, editor of the product, and the producer of the product.

Example: Various e-commerce firms follow this approach wherein they allow the consumer to design the product they want to buy, example being fast food chains, apparel chains, etc. The most remarkable would be Dell’s direct-to-customer model where the customer can define the product according to his requirements. Another very good example is that of online platforms such as Inkfruit. Inkfruit requires the customer to design apparel which is then produced and sold through their website to various other consumers.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Prosumer along with its overview.


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