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Low-end Entry Level Brand

This article covers meaning & overview of Low-end Entry Level Brand from marketing perspective

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What is Low-end Entry Level Brand ?

A type of branding strategy under the range brand strategy where the company, through a single brand name, offers a range of products with a similar value proposition.They help in increasing the market share by attracting customers seeking variety, who, otherwise, would have preferred another brand and in achieving economies of scale in advertising, sales and distribution.

Ex: For range brand strategy->Pulsar and Discover bikes of Bajaj Auto

A low-end entry level brand is one seeks to expand the customer franchise by offering a product for the first-time users at a lower cost.

Ex: Platina, CD Dawn and CD Deluxe bikes of Hero MotoCorp are targeted to attract the entry-level, lower income group.


The other types of brands in the range brand strategy are-

Flankers- To combat the brands of the competitors to help the flagship brands retain their desired positioning

Ex: Hero Passion/Glamour/Achiever to maintain the flagship brands Hunk/Karizma/Splendour


Cash Cows- Mature brands which give significant profits by their existing brand equity, with less marketing effort.

Ex: Bajaj Pulsar DTSi and Avenger


High-end prestige- Complement the brand portfolio by establishing credibility and value

Ex: Hero Kawasaki Ninja

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