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What is Questioning Techniques?

Questioning techniques refer to the different ways in which questionnaires are presented to individuals while doing market research on a specific topic or product.


Questionnaires, if properly constructed and presented to the individuals generate valuable information in response. However, disorderly arranged questionnaires can spoil the purpose of market research and yield nothing valuable.


Types of questions that can be asked:

1. Contingency Questions:

These questions are relevant to a particular group of individuals in a population and only that group of individuals participates in the survey.

e.g.) Pregnancy related questions are only for women; shaving habits related questions are only for men etc.

2. Matrix Questions:

In questioning matrix, identical responses are placed along the horizontal row while various questions are arranged in the vertical column.

3. Closed Ended Questions:

The respondent has to choose one among the number of reposes options presented to him.

e.g.) YES/NO response type questions; multiple choice questions etc

4. Open Ended Questions:

Here an individual is free to respond in a way suitable to him/her. There is no structured method of response.

e.g.) Questions seeking opinion of the respondent on a particular topic


Besides, there are number of ways in which questionnaires can be distributed and collected. Some of these ways are:

  1. Postal: anonymity of respondent can be maintained but can suffer from delivery delays
  2. Telephonic: very fast and one-on-one but is costly and can be viewed with suspicion
  3. Electronic: very efficient and questions can be presented in detailed format but only those with internet access will be able to participate.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Questioning Techniques along with its overview.

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