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What is Logo?

Logo is a graphical symbol or icon used by companies, brands, organizations or individuals to aid public recognition of their business or venture. Logos represent company brands and identities and logos on products enable instant customer recognition of the company or brand.

Importance of Logos

Logos can be plain graphical symbols or wordmarks composed of the organization’s name (IBM). Brand symbols involving ideograms and symbols facilitate cross-language marketing and hence are more effective compared to those having alphabets in the native country’s language. An effective logo must have both an icon or symbol and a company name to emphasize the company’s name over the graphic. Some large corporations like MTV, Google etc have adopted dynamic symbols which change their settings over time.

Logos and their design can be protected by copyrights. In case anyone tries to copy an existing symbol or image, it is an offence called Copyright infringement punishable under the Copyright Law. Same colours can be used by different companies but the design or symbols cannot be reproduced.

Advantages of Logo

Companies these days put a lot of importance of having a unique symbol for their product or service. Some of the key benefits of the brand symbols & logos are:

1. They help identify a company's product or service when compared to a competitor. Since there are so many competitors in a market, a unique brand symbol helps to differentiate a company's product.

2. They help people recognize a particular product or service which they liked. A symbol directly helps connect with a product.

3. Popular products with easy symbols are associated with a strong recall & help better brand loyalty. People remember a good product & service with their brand symbol or tagline.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Logo along with its overview.

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