Gesture Clusters

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Definition: Gesture Clusters

Gesture Clusters are a subset of all the gestures that need to be considered collectively in a group or ‘cluster’ instead of focusing on individual gestures. Clustering is a part of the pre-STP phase of marketing.

The segmenting, targeting and positioning steps in marketing are normally preceded by a cluster analysis step. In this cluster analysis step, the gestures are analysed collectively and classified in groups and the based on the attributes of the clusters, the segmentation step is carried out.

Example: If suppose I want to introduce new brand of strong beer. Now in order to market, I will need to cluster the existing population into those which will be helpful in segmenting, targeting and positioning of my product i.e. strong beer. Now I found out in the clustering process that around 30% of the population are repelled by the idea of a new brand of strong beer. Hence, this 30% of the population exhibit negative gesture with respect to the idea and can be set aside. I can proceed with my STP analysis from the remaining 70% of the population.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Gesture Clusters along with its overview.


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