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Definition: Breakthrough

Breakthrough marketing refers to new and innovative ways of marketing a product through focused efforts. Breakthrough marketing helps small and medium sized companies to create a buzz for their product on a relatively small budget. It helps in establishing points of difference with larger competitors, gaining pricing power and in creating a perception which is larger than the actual market share.

One main step in achieving a breakthrough is building a powerful social network. Some main strategies adopted in breakthrough marketing are:

  • Create a unique selling proposition for your product or service
  • Position the product in such a way so as to give the customers a unique experience
  • Focus on one event and leverage the promotional budget to create a buzz
  • Target the influencers who will help in marketing your product
  • Tell a credible and compelling story to capture the imagination of your audience
  • Adopt grassroots marketing to create a buzz
  • Leverage on building public relations

For example, Chameleon Marketing is a form of breakthrough marketing. Valuable information is given out in the form of a free booklet containing important tips. This may not be actual advertising but it will help get new customers for a firm. Integrated Marketing Communication videos with innovative ideas can also go viral on sites like YouTube, Facebook etc

Hence, this concludes the definition of Breakthrough along with its overview.

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