Resources and Capabilities

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Definition: Resources and Capabilities

Resources and Capabilities are the sources of competitive advantage and the primary source of profitability for any firm.  

Resources can be divided into:

  • Tangible – Physical and financial assets. Eg: Machinery
  • Intangible – Skills, reputation and brand names. Eg: Google, Disney
  • Human Resources – Skilled Employees

Organizational capabilities refer to the business routines, processes and the organizational culture. Identification of core competencies or capabilities can be useful in identifying what contributes more to customer value and which market segments to target. A firm must analyse which resources and capabilities are most important in providing a sustainable competitive advantage to the firm. It should also identify its strengths and weaknesses with respect to its competitors. The firm must ensure that all resources and capabilities are fully employed and exploited. It must focus on regenerating valuable resources and building competencies.

In a rapidly changing external environment a focus on internal resources and capabilities is more secure than market focus.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Resources and Capabilities along with its overview.


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