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What is Position Defense?

Position defense is one of the marketing warfare strategies wherein the brand or company occupies the most desirable space in the minds of the customer and in no case intends to divert from that position thus making the brand impregnable.

It is like maintaining the status of superior brand and erecting fortification around the brand, making it extremely difficult for other competitive brands to impeach upon your space. This strategy is normally followed by brands where the defender is a market leader or enjoys a high position in the minds of its customers and the contender brand is a rising brand aiming to displace the defender form its position. In such cases, the defender maintains its position of market leader by reminding customers about the status of the brand, setting up entry barriers, coming up with exclusive distribution contracts, getting patents, or establishing monopoly like situation.

This defense mechanism is a weak one because in the current scenario, and competitive advantage currently held by the defender will eventually get eroded by the actions of the competitors if the defender does not change its position by improving the service, product portfolio, pricing strategy, target market, etc.

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