Buying Criteria

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Definition: Buying Criteria

Buying criteria consists of all the information that is needed for a customer to make a buying decision.

It generally includes the answers to questions like : what is it?, why should I buy it?, what will I get?, what is the price?, why do I need it?, why should I buy it from you?, what’s the deal? The answers to these questions help the customer in making a quick and confident buying decision.

The sole purpose of marketing product need not be to sell that product but make the customers take an informed decision quickly. It would shorten the sales cycle and improve the trust and confidence of the buyer. The key is to satisfy the buyer with all the possible information regarding the product and make him emotionally connected to it based on reasonable logic.

Once this takes place, the buyer thinks that he has a higher degree of control and thereby opens up to the desire of processing the product. That entire marketing people got to do is to provide the genuine information early on.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Buying Criteria along with its overview.

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