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What is Flanker Brand?

Flanker brand is an extension to a brand in the same product category from the same company. The purpose of flanker brand is to capture additional market by additional offering. It targets those sections of the market that their existing products already don’t serve. Such brands can vary in different attributes but still remain an extension.

Companies employ flanker brands to defend against flank attack i.e. to counter attack competitor who attacks the existing main brand with a unique offering.

The advantages of flanker brand

  • Attracts new set of customers which is not served by existing product
  • Protects the company, in case of one of the brands fail, other brands survive
  • Can introduce lower quality brand without compromising on existing high quality brands

However, flanker has its own et of challenges since it requires creating an independent brand


Intel introduced low cost Centrino processor brand to protect its premium Pentium brand.

In order to appeal to consumers who desired a lower-cost detergent, P&G (Proctor and Gamble) introduced tide which became successful. Now both Ariel and Tide drive sales of P&G in detergent market.

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