Shadow Boards

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Definition: Shadow Boards

Shadow Boards are used to display tools and tackles. The use of this method provides a visual aid. It goes by the saying “You won’t GET to Learn until you GET Visual”. 

This increases the overall productivity of the workers, thereby making a cost reduction for the organization and also improves the workspace design.

By the use of shadow boards, probability of missing the tools or other items reduces drastically. It also leads to time reduction in locating the missing items.

To simplify, shadow board tools should be colored according to their color codes and we can also group like items.


Benefits of shadow boards:

  • Improves Quality:  For example, gauges and calipers are easily located and can be calibrated on time which leads to lowering of errors.
  • Reduces Time: Operators do not waste their time in searching for tools and tackles.
  • Reduces Safety Hazards: Tools and tackles are not lying here and there on the floor of the facility which minimizes potential injuries.
  • Reduces Costs: Replacement of missing tools and tackles reduces which saves overall costs.
  • Increases Productivity: Due to shadow boards overall productivity of the organization increases as the productivity of operators/workers increases.



They can be used at

  • Construction Site
  • Assembly Line (Automobile Industries) etc.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Shadow Boards along with its overview.


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