Synergy Creation

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Definition: Synergy Creation

Synergy creation means that there should be good synchronization between sales, marketing and customer services of a company. Or in other words, it means the three units i.e. sales, marketing and customer service should work together.


General Issues in any company which hampers profit making:

• When marketing strategy is not aligned with the sales cycle

• When sales, customer service and marketing are not on the basis of customer needs


Due to these issues there is a need for creating synergy between the three. But most often sales, marketing and customer service fails to work together because sales people think that marketing people doesn’t understand their needs and marketing people think that sales people focus on selling the product and don’t see the bigger picture. Customer service people “just-do” their job.

FLOW DIAGRAM (What can be done for creating synergy?)


ADVANTAGES of Synergy Creation:

• Increases the efficiency and decreases the cost of sales

• Maximizes chances of converting a potential customer into a customer

• Builds morale of salespersons

• Increases customer loyalty and retention

• Improves customer experience

• Increases profit for the organization


Hence, this concludes the definition of Synergy Creation along with its overview.


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