Lift On, Lift Off (LO/LO) - Meaning & Definition

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What is Lift On, Lift Off (LO/LO)?

Lift-on/lift-off or LoLo are cargo vessel that are equipped with cranes to load and unload cargo. In other words it’s a self-sufficient cargo vessel which can load and unload cargo without the help of external crane devices. They are also referred to as “Self geared vessel”

Other Alternative

Roll on-Roll off (RORO) vessel is another type of vessel used in cargo shipment. These ships have built in ramp so that cargo can be rolled on and off. It is used generally for wheeled cargo like trucks, cars etc

Comparison between LoLo and RoRo




Speed of Transportation









Features of Lift on/Lift off

1. As multiple containers can be loaded in a stacked manner the capacity utilization is efficient. But the capacity is reduced due to the inbuilt unloading system.

2. The LoLo vessel can be offloaded on any type of terminals i.e. loading and unloading cargo can be done on Load-on/Load-off ports, Roll-on/Roll-off ports and jetties.

3. As they have their own crane equipment they don’t require the machinery available at a port terminal

4. Cargo can be transferred to and fro from another cargo vessel.


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