Container Freight Station - Definition & Meaning

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What is Container Freight Station?

A Container Freight Station (CFS) is a facility located near to a port, ocean or an airport. Consolidation and de-consolidation of freight shipments are carried out at the CFS. At the loading port, CFS implies to a location designated by the carriers for obtaining cargo which has to be loaded into the containers by the carrier. Similarly, at the destination or unloading port, CFS implies to location designated by the carriers of the cargo for unloading of the containerized cargo.

At the Loading Port: If an individual or an organization purchases goods less than the worth of container’s worth of goods, then this shipment will be taken to a warehouse for consolidation in the country of origin. Here, the shipment will be loaded into the container with goods from other people meant for the same destination. This consolidated container is then loaded onto the ship for delivering it to the destination country.

At the Destination Port: The container in the destination country will be taken to another warehouse, where its deconsolidation will take place. Here, our concerned shipment will be separated from the other shipments. These shipments will be stored in the warehouse until the concerned people or organization collect these from these locations.

The collection of the shipments from these warehouses requires two types of documents:

• A delivery order, which instructs the warehouse to release the shipments

• Customs Clearance, which shows that a person has been given approval by the Customs, for the goods to be released to him


Hence, this concludes the definition of Container Freight Station along with its overview.

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