Over Short & Damaged (OS&D)

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Definition: Over Short & Damaged (OS&D)

In case that material or product received by the customer/recipient is damaged, over supplied or under supplied in quantity in comparison to the quantity specified in the purchase order the recipient will lodge a complaint with the supplier.

In case of damaged goods a material damage report has to be sent to the supplier.

Claim Procedures:

Incaset that product received is damaged, or the quantity of the product is either over or short of the designated quantity on the purchase order, the purchasing representative (buyer) will notify the (company) Supplier in writing of the issue in difference of order. In the case of damage, a copy of the damage inspection report will be included. Once the written notification is received regarding the issue, the Supplier should respond according to the instructions as per the discrepancy letter.

If the supplier does not respond within a few days of the initial notification, the buyer can notify it to the company regarding the issue and take necessary action.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Over Short & Damaged (OS&D) along with its overview.

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