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What is Courier Service?

Courier service refers to the fast or quick, door to door pickup and delivery service for goods or documents. It can be local or international. A company that provides such delivery services is called a courier company. A courier company hires people to provide their services. Such a person hired by the courier service company is called a courier.

A courier is an individual who is responsible for the safe exchange or delivery of items between two or more parties. The courier company charges a flat rate or a rate directly proportional to the weight of the good or based upon the urgency of delivery of the good or both to the party using he services of the courier service company. The prominent courier service companies in the world include DHL, Fedex, United Parcel Service, Firstflight, DTDC, Bluedart, etc.

Courier services are distinguished from ordinary mail and other modes of delivery services based upon their speed, security, tracking features, swift delivery, etc. Courier services are expensive compared to other modes of mail service and are usually considered important when one of the above mentioned features is of importance to the user of the service.


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