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What is Devanning?

Devanning is defined as the process in which a landed container is unsealed and all its contents are taken out. Also called stripping or unstuffing of the container. Devanning is one of the most demanding tasks of the logistics process. A dedicated team is needed to ensure each container is stripped and properly inventoried.

After the containers have been stripped and inventoried, the most resourceful storage method is to palletize the product. By creating product pallets, the merchandise is more easily stored, planned and transported.

Distribution becomes much simpler, as the relevant pallet needs only to be recognized and shipped out when it is required. For this job, experienced staff members who have undergone extensive training in operational efficiency are needed.


Choosing the Right Container Devanning Team:

Given below is the quick step by step plan to choosing the right container devanning team:

1. Some amount of research is needed about what sort of container devanning service would be suitable. A container devanning company should have qualified forklift operators, and skilled handlers who will know how to unpack the shipping container and how it can be loaded after the devanning process.

2. Enquire whether you can be on site when your shipping container is being devanned. It allows importers to keep an account of the whole container devanning operation.

3. If you are importing any type of machinery that need fumigation, in that case one need to find a site that offers a vehicle washing facility as well as a container devanning service. A lot of this machinery is expensive so being on site is really important.

4. Choosing a MAF and ATF Customs bonded site is a fine idea. It means everything can be done at one place and at the same time. Also a site that offers these services has to go through a process and pass an audit process to make sure their container devanning, storeroom and warehousing facilities reach a elevated standard.

5. Most container devanning companies would advocate you use a customs broker, especially at the start. Trying to do it all yourself is definitely do-able but customs brokers are the ideal coordinators to drag all the pieces of the puzzle together flawlessly.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Devanning along with its overview.

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