Maintenance Repair & Operating (MRO) - Meaning & Definition

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What is Maintenance Repair & Operating (MRO)?

Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) are used to fix any electrical equipment if it goes out of order. The operations also ensure that the preventive maintenance is done to prevent the drive from going out of order. The MRO actions include all the supervision, technical operations, managerial and administrative actions. The MRO operations are done either as a service to the customers requiring preventive and corrective maintaining action for their drives or as a service to the firm that reprocess the drives.

Generally four type of maintenance are required:

a. Preventive Maintenance: To prevent the drive from going out of order

b. Operative Maintenance: Maintenance while operation of equipment

c. Corrective Maintenance: To fix the equipment after it goes out of order

d. Adaptive Maintenance: Maintaining while equipment is exposed to new environment

MRO supplies are the small items that are consumed during the production but don’t become the part of end products. These are not central to the output of a firm.


• Consumables (Cleaning, laboratory and office supplies)

• Industrial Equipment (compressors. Pumps, valves)

• Plant Upkeep Supplies (Gaskets, Lubricants, Repair Tools)

• Computers, Fixtures and tables etc.


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