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What is Field Services?

The Field Services is defined as a set of applications which help the organizations of different levels, to manage work tasks of any kind that need to be completed on any location. Field service aligns tasks to agent skills, assignments based on geographic territory and inventory available in the company. Agents then do the work and track their travel and work time consequently.

For example, a centralized logistics department of IT may select its agents based on their skills and territories then send them out to remote offices of different parts of the country to fix computers, install servers, and perform printer maintenance and in turn keep a track of their operations.

Applications Available: Now, Field service is available with the Fuji application release. Fuji is a Service Management based application that is incorporated with variety of other Service Management based applications, for example Facilities Service Management and Legal Service Management.

Field services provide functionality for reorganizing the way tasks are termed as eligible and dispatched and the ways the parts are sourced. Additional automated features enable the dispatchers to route and dispatch tasks swiftly, using precise geo-location to make appropriate schedules.


These features are explained where they occur in line by the following flow diagram shown below:



Field service management is valid in several industries, some of them are explained below:

• In telecommunications and cable industry, there are technicians that install the cable system or install the phone lines into residences or business establishments.

• In healthcare domain, there are mobile nurses that provide necessary home care for elderly or disabled people.

• In gas utilities, engineers or professionals are dispatched to scrutinize and fix the suspected leaks in the households and establishments.

• In heavy engineering, extraction, mining, industrial and manufacturing, technicians are dispatched for preventative maintenance of the system and break fix the process.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Field Services along with its overview.

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