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What is Marks and Numbers?

Marks and Numbers are the symbols used to identify different pieces of cargo on a ship so that there is no problem identifying them at the port and they can be handed over to the correct parties without fail.

Basically, it’s like a barcode which lets you help get details about the product such as the buyer, location, etc. and helps you serve the customers without fault at a fast pace. It acts as an ID card for someone else.

Marks and numbers can consist of the buyer’s name and address, purchase order number or unique number of the package.

Gross weight and measurement should be done before hand to avoid any last minute confusion with the cargo pieces.

Disadvantage is that sometimes, the marks and numbers get old which create a problem in identifying the pieces and it might result in wrong delivery, i.e. loss or incorrect handling, storage.

It helps in counting the number of elements in a set and differentiating items too as different shapes such as triangle, square and rectangle, circle, diamond or cross is used for similar items.


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