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What is Pick List?

Pick list is a document containing the list of materials to be picked for manufacturing orders or shipping orders. Collective picking list is also used to pick the different goods from a warehouse by a seller for multiple sale orders made by same debtor. It is an important warehousing process in the supply change management. This drives the productivity of the ordering process and makes it one of the most controlled processes in supply chain management.

There can be 3 types of pick lists:

a. Printed Pick List: List of materials to be picked for manufacturing.

b. Collective Pick List: List of goods to be picked from warehouse to complete the order given by a debtor.

c. Dispatch Lists: A document given to the dispatch staff. It indicates that the goods are ready to be delivered to the debtor.

Picking list is made only after the orders are confirmed and authorized. In a normal scenario, thousands of orders are made for a particular good in a day. If a person goes to the warehouse again and again to pick the same goods as and when the order is made, then it will reduce the productivity in a great way. So in the picking list, the same goods of multiple order are combined and fetched in one trip. Then the items are delivered in the numbered bins according to different orders. Then the orders are shipped to the respective customers. Hence the picking list tries to make the ordering process efficient and as a result productivity of the supply chain increases.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Pick List along with its overview.

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