Computer-Based Training - Meaning & Definition

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What is Computer-Based Training?

Computer based training refers to the instructions or training where the training is imparted through the use of computers or the mode of delivery is computers. In other words, use of computer in giving training, monitor the progress, providing feedback and checking the final progress. It can be done through a software module installed on the system (Known as Courseware) or through the use of internet as Web based training.

Computer based training can be used to provide training about any subject but it is generally popular for computer related studies. CBT is generally used to learn about a particular computer application such as Microsoft Office or any particular language such as Visual Basic etc. CBT can further be of many forms such as synchronous, asynchronous, online, web-based, mobile and distance learning etc. CBT can be modified and designed to teach the participant any particular type of course.

What makes CBT not so popular is that it requires a lot of human effort, expensive to develop and takes a lot of time. With the increase in computers across organization and increase in computing power, its use is increasing. It is effective to train a large group of people but particularly ineffective to train smaller groups as it proves expensive.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Computer-Based Training along with its overview.

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