3D Loading - Meaning & Definition

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What is 3D Loading?

3D Loading is a new "volumetric payload scanner system" which was developed to monitor the payload and high-def load images. This new load scanning technology will help operations to manage and keep track of all the transferred volumes in the inventory in real time.

This 3D Load Scanner imagery helps  in delivering accurate volumetric load calculations for open top vehicles while the vehicle is driving under the scanner .It  utilizes laser technology to scan the open top trucks.

Generally the vehicles are fitted with RFID tags which helps to automate this process and deliver a fully exhaustive  automated measurement system.  Trucks drive under the scanner system at speeds under 5.6km/hr.

It helps to provides accurate volume calculations and 3D load images per vehicle.  Individual loading receipts/tickets are generated which further   can be emailed or printed per truck and further all the data can be stored and managed from the online through web based cloud account.        


  • Optimize operational efficiency, throughput and data analysis
  • It provides with affordable payload management system.
  • Accurate Load Scanning calculations
  • Reduces wastage

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