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What is Seaport?

A seaport is located on the coast where ship can dock for transferring cargo and people out of the ships. the location of the ports is based on the ability to provide access to land and ensure adequate depth of water for a ship to enter and dock.

Ports play a very important role in maritime logistics. they are an integral part of most international transportation as they act as interface between sea and land to conduct trade through sea. The depth of water determines he type of ships that a port can accommodate whether a large ship or small one.

Although ports are generally understood to be located near body of water, be it sea, ocean or river, some ports can also be dry. A dry port is a yard for placing bulk cargo and conventional containers and usually connected by rail or road to the seaport.

For example Mumbai has two ports one on the butcher Island and other on the main land know as JNPT(Jawahar Lal Nehru ort Trust).


Important features of a port

I. Draft

Draft is the depth of the water under the waterline available in navigation channels and the berth with which a ship can easily navigate with adequate clearance between bottom of the dock and a ships keel. Some natural harbours have lot of natural depth some doesn’t

II. Dredging

It is the process of removing soil and rocks from the bottom of the sea, near the port area. It is meant for deepening the docks and channel, so as to ensure the adequate draft is available for ships to enter the port area.

III. Channel

The path on which the ships will travel should be clearly marked with lighting buoys and charted so that pilots can lead the ships safely

IV. Towage

When ship enter a port it may require additional help for berthing. There are tugs that are used to tow big ships and help in berthing alongside the dock

V. Lighthouse

A tower where a circular beaming light indicates ships the proximity of land and shore

Hence, this concludes the definition of Seaport along with its overview.

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