ASA (Average Speed of Answer)

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Definition: ASA (Average Speed of Answer)

ASA is a term pertaining to the service industry and more often than not it is used in context with the call centres where it is also referred to as Average Seconds to Answer (ASA) and Average Time to Answer (ATA).

It is defined as the average waiting time for a caller before he is answered by a service representative. Mathematically, it can be expressed as:



Assume that there are 100 callers in a day and the total waiting time for all callers is 1 hour.

Total waiting time in seconds = 1*60*60 = 3600 secs.

Total number of callers = 100

Therefore, ASA  = 3600/100 = 36 secs.

Qualitatively, it implies that on that particular day it takes 36 secs. On an average before his call is answered by a service representative.

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