Mini Land Bridge - Meaning & Definition

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What is Mini Land Bridge?

Mini land bridge is a system where goods are transported to USA via sea through ships, to the nearest port close to the final destination. Then the goods are finally transferred by road or rail to the final destination.

The term land bridge is commonly used in Logistics industry and especially for used to containerized ocean vehicles, it denote the intermodal freight transport sector (Intermodal means various means of transportation keeps on switching themselves between air, road, rail etc). Hence the Land Bridge is the term used for land portion of the journey which is covered by container and is generally done through "Rail".

Suppose a vessel is destined to reach to Colorado (USA) From India as Colorado is situated in middle of USA one cannot directly ship through only one means of transportation that is via ocean. So the first half of journey is completed from Indian Port Consider Jawaharlal Nehru Port (Mumbai) to New York Port and from the container are the forwarded to Colorado via a Rail Network forming a Land Bridge and overall Process known as "Mini Land Bridge"

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