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What is Web Community?

A Web Community is a virtual community which has all its members as  its devout followers .  A web community can communicate through bulletein boards  ,  chat rooms , servers , blogs  which keeps everyone posted. It can be created using social media by people having a common set of  interests , sharing similar sets of  values , cultures , demography and background.

It is a pretty common practice of companies harnessing  growth of  many online communities . It  not only keeps them updated with the consumer’s perceptions  and  keeps the growth of the smallest   rumours  or bad publicity under check.


These web communities play a very strong  role  in decision making  where the communication becomes more inbound and the seller becomes one among the buyers . These  web communities are  considered to be the  most reliable channel of information . It is important for companies to increase their visibility in these channels as being in the good books of experts adds to their credibility .This would further help the consumer finding the buyer for itself rather than vice versa happening . Today every site like GSM arena  accessed  for comparing between two mobile variants  has a lot of reviews following the queries  and the buyers become arduous followers of the posting happening . It also helps brands to follow pull strategy effectively instead of push.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Web Community along with its overview.

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