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Value added network - Meaning & Definition

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What is Value added network?

It is a private network used to exchange electronic data and network services. Prior to the inception of the internet companies used  high value networks to transfer their data to other companies and  paying monthly charges for them .

They were also given secure Id’s , encrypted data  and EDI’ s. It is a type of mail where information is retrieved from the network by the receiver and replied through the network. However the text used is standardized or formatted which differentiates it from a email.


Example :

Easy link provides one of such value added networks  supporting the following features .


  • System Alerts – It has generated  alerts confirming the receipt of delivery . It could be through mails ,messages  or desired medium of communication and  informs about the critical calls from your partners.
  • Recording , transmitting and processing of important audit events  and helping in their subsequent analysis  and assessment.
  • Reliability and data security through high speed  data transmission and  exclusive access cards at their data centers.
  • Real time delivery  of  documents, mails etc
  • On line support   to establish communication and resolve queries.
  • Boost productivity and reduce EDI costs .

Hence, this concludes the definition of Value added network along with its overview.

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