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Startup Checklist Template

This article covers meaning & overview of Startup Checklist Template from operations perspective

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What is Startup Checklist Template?

A startup checklist template in production is used as a tool for mistake proofing the production process or “Pokayoke” as it is termed in lean manufacturing terms.It is used to ensure that production starts up smoothly and does not suffer any setbacks during the process.

The checklist is prepared by a process or continuous improvement engineer, production manager or plant manager and may vary depending on the process type, production staff knowledge and skills and production plant layout. A large production plant may have several startup checklists with different functions, parts and scope of items to check for.

The checklist generally contains list of items to be required and processes to be followed along with sequence. A good startup checklist is one which identifies all possible points where something may go wrong and keeps checks and balances in place to ensure that the process is carried out smoothly. It should also consider factors such as vital inputs into the process are available and ready
and quality systems and checks are in place.

A sample startup checklist may look as follows:





To be completed by shift team leader



Raw Materials

Stock Available

Stock Low

Raw Material A



Raw Material B



Raw Material C



Production line Components

Ensure item A is on



Ensure valve B is in correct position



Bin C must be empty and clean



Ensure screws D, E and F are clean



Ensure temperatures are as per SOP



Ensure stakers are on



Hence, this concludes the definition of Startup Checklist Template along with its overview.

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