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Agile Organization - Meaning & Definition

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What is Agile Organization?

An Agile Organization is one that is quick in responding to changes in the marketplace or environment. The ‘agile organization’ is also known as ‘the entrepreneurial organization’ and ‘the resilient organization’ and this kind of organization focuses on the customer which calls for customized rather than standardised offerings. A highly agile organization reacts successfully to the emergence of new competitors, rapid advancements in technology and sudden shifts in overall market conditions. Agile enterprises thrive in non-hierarchical organizations without a single point of control.

Characteristics of Agile Organizations:

1. They are made up of self-aware individuals whose actions affect the organization as a whole
2. They adapt a catalyst style of leadership by inspiring others without losing the cohesion within the entire system
3. Their organization is based on continuous learning from experiments
4. They foster an open communication style facilitating collaboration and sharing
5. Their governance is based upon long-term business value and adaptation
6. Their members seek mastery in their respective skills

Dell is an agile software development corporation that embraces the concept of customized agile response. The production line adapts according to the customer’s needs.

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