Executive Support System ESS

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Definition: Executive Support System ESS

Executive Support System (ESS) is a software used by companies which has information related to business, which enables the top management to take better decisions in favor of the company.

ESS mainly deals with data related to key departments like billing, accounting, scheduling, staffing etc. In addition to providing quick access to the data, ESS helps to analyze the data systematically and helps the companies to even forecast and prepare for the future.

ESS thus saves valuable time of the executives in digging the huge pile of information to identify the critical data and helps them spend more time on brainstorming and decision making by providing only the required data. ESS can be used to view and analyze both the present data and predicted future data.

Depending on the utility, the software can be adjusted according to parameters to deliver the best results.

Some of the advantages of ESS are:

  1. Improved personal efficiency
  2. Increased organizational control
  3. Competitive advantage over competitors
  4. Automation of the managerial processes.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Executive Support System ESS along with its overview.

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