Content Management System

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Definition: Content Management System

As the name suggests, Content Management System software helps to manage the content of a website- upload, edit, manage content etc. It provides capabilities to multiple users to manage information on web based services- create, edit, publish, archive, collate, distribute etc. These users have different levels of authentications to access the services. It makes the job of the owner of the website easier to manage the content; however, it is the quality of the material which makes the website a success- not the software!

Any Content Management System (CMS) consists of two parts:

a)      Content Management Application (CMA)

b)      Content Development Application (CDA)

The CMA helps in creating, removing and modifying content whereas the CDA compiles this information and helps in updating the website.

The CMS provides a plethora of tools at the user’s disposal for development and commercial use.

Some examples of CMS are: PHP, Microsoft ASP .Net etc.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Content Management System along with its overview.

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