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System Testing

This article covers meaning & overview of System Testing from IT perspective

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What is System Testing?

System Testing (also called as Black Box Testing) is the testing performed to test the behavior of completely integrated software product in order to evaluate system’s compliance with end user requirements. System Testing is carried by test team in a controlled environment and validates the system accuracy in terms of its performance.

System Testing is performed after Integration Testing (Testing of individual units by integrating two or more) and before Acceptance Testing (Testing to check the acceptability of system) where maximum errors/flaws are rectified. Integrated Testing results are reviewed by software QA and then only System Testing is carried out. Below flow chart represents the different levels of testing:

Important Types of System Testing

  1. Sanity Testing : Testing done by testing teams to determine whether the new software is working well enough to be implemented for major testing purposes
  2. Usability Testing : Testing done by end users to verify that with how much ease can a he/she operate, give inputs and interpret outputs
  3. Stress Testing : Testing done by engineers to see how the system works beyond its specified conditions
  4. Load Testing : Testing done by performance engineers where system is checked under high demand conditions
  5. 5. Performance Testing : Testing done by performance engineers to verify the system’s compliance with specified performance requirement
  6. 6. Regression Testing : Testing done by testing teams to find errors caused due to change in program or codes
  7. 7. Maintenance Testing : Testing done by maintenance teams to identify problems, diagnose them and see whether repairs had met its intended job
  8. 8. Security Testing : Testing done by security expert teams to check the protection status of the data in the system and ensure the same for future


Consider a software ‘ABC’ for booking a bus ticket from Delhi to Agra. System testing can be done by paying less or more than ticket fare and observing how the software responds. On paying exact money, ticket must be booked or else must not.

Hence, this concludes the definition of System Testing along with its overview.

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