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Corporate Advertising - Meaning, Importance & Example

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What is Corporate Advertising?

Corporate advertising and marketing of a parent company or corporate brand, and just its offerings. Corporate advertising is different from normal advertising in terms that normal advertising is promotion of products whereas corporate advertising is marketing a company or corporate.

Importance of Corporate Advertising

It is done to enhance the brand image of any corporate or company apart from its products and services. It is also done to repair damages caused by false allegations, bad publicity etc. and can also be termed as public relations activity. Corporate advertising also helps the company "brand" to be developed and not just the branding of their products. As a concept, it can also be understood as institutional advertising and institutional promotion.

Advantages of Corporate Advertising

Corporate advertising is a powerful tool used by companies to not only have a strong brand name but also increase business. Some advantages are:

1. Benefit in product sales can be a side effect of corporate advertising but is never the primary goal.

2. The primary goal is to clear a positive image for the company in consumer’s mind.

3. It helps build a positive emotional connect of the parent company with the consumers.

Example of Corporate Advertising

Some examples of corporate advertising are as mentioned below:

1. Barclays bank has consistently associated itself with the English football tournament Premier League. As a part of its strategy, it has become a title sponsor and has become a global brand name.

2. In India, Hero Honda "Desh ki Dhadkan" ad campaign is an example of institutional marketing where the company Hero Honda was promoted and not any bikes in particular.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Corporate Advertising along with its overview.

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